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Linocut Studio

Linocut Studio

I admire the clean, strong lines and textures that can be achieved with the linocut method of printmaking. Part of my work is drawn from impressions of wildlife native to Ireland and Britain. Also, the beautiful, moody landscapes and seascapes of County Donegal, where I live, are a constant source of inspiration.

A linocut is a relief print, like a woodcut. The image is carved out of a lino block and what remains will print when the inked roller is passed over the top of the block. Paper is laid on the block and burnished by hand or passed through a press to give an impression.

Limited Editions

A limited edition means there are only a certain number of prints made.

Each print is signed at the bottom right hand corner by the artist. The title of the piece is written in the middle. The number of that particular print and the number in the complete edition are written in the bottom left hand corner. For example, the 5th print in an edition of 30, will be written as 5/30.

All my linocuts are hand printed on 100% acid free block printing paper.

Some variation of colour and tone is to be expected as this is a hand applied process (not a digital print) so each print is an original piece of art.

I consider commissions so please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

For further information please contact shelagh@linocutstudio.com

Ramelton, Co Donegal, Ireland T: (00353) 87 9771272

Hand printed linocuts