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Mindful Productivity

Bilingual Cards

combining English and Irish

Old sayings of Ireland cards

Cártaí Seanfhocail

Mindfulness Cards

with original wording

Irish number cards

for many occassions

Great news cards

to share life's good moments

Mindful Productivity

Greeting cards in Irish and English / Cártaí Gaeilge agus Béarla.

We are a small batch greeting card company based in rural west of Ireland.  Working in both the Irish and English languages, we have built our card range around simple and heartfelt messages perfect for keeping in touch, sending happy wishes …. and often framing.


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number cards

Irish language number cards for birthdays, anniver...

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A line of cards based on Irish seanfhocail ... old...

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mindful and calm cards

Our mindfully inspired card line uses original wor...