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Published: 17 Jul 2017

Galway Film Fleadh from a Swedish point of view

Technichus Science Centre in Mid-Sweden is one of the partners in a Creative Momentum project who runs MyCreativeEdge.eu. Our project manager has just arrived back home from a trip to Galway with the project. Together with our partners from Finland, Iceland, Ireland and Northern Ireland we arranged a so called Creative Hotspot at Galway Film Fleadh 11-17 of July. Filmmakers from the partner regions were supported to go to the Fleadh to network, learn and get new inspiration. From Mid-Sweden we brought Simon Bergström and Daniel Nordlund from Mountain North Pictures – This trip is a really great opportunity for us, Simon says.

The programme in Galway started off with a Creative Exchange last Wednesday. Speakers from five different countries shared their stories in Room 202 at Houston School of Film and Digital Media. International connections and filmmaking in the periphery where the theme of the day. The producers Antti Kaarlela from northern Finland and Emma Owen from west of Ireland, who participated in a Creative2Creative Matching programme, were two of the speakers. They shared experiences and outcomes from the matching programme and pointed out the importance of making connections abroad. Joonas Pirtikangas spread his knowledge of how to make low budget films in Northern Finland, how to cooperate with local firemen when you need fire effects for example, to make the most out of the budget you have.

“This conference is much better than many others I have paid a lot of money to attend,” says a female filmmaker in the audience.

During the afternoon, we continued the programme with a really interesting visit at Telegael studios and their two creative premises in Spiddal. In our workshop at Technichus we also build stage design and exhibitions so it was great insights and good inspiration for us to step into the workshops of Telegael. The following days we attended masterclasses and networking events and we also had the chance to watch great films at the Fleadh in Galway. The session about screenwriting with Richard Kelly was one of the highlights, he talked about his cult classic Donnie Darko from 2001 as well as newer creations.

“The masterclasses was the best part, and to hang out with the other filmmakers,” says Simon and Daniel. At the moment they are taking a few days extra to travel around and explore Ireland.

Thanks to WDC, NUIG, Galway Film Fleadh and Telegael studios for having us over! We had a great time in Galway!

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