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Published: 11 Feb 2018

It’s great to support creative talents – we wish you all the best

The first of March it’s time for Creative Momentum’s official closing event, at Salthill Hotel in Galway. As a partner in the project Technichus will be there to present some of the activities we arranged during the past three years.

It has been a fantastic time working with Creative Momentum and we have met so many creative talents and seen so many beautiful places in our partner regions! We also had the chance to show our own region, Västernorrland, to international guests.

It’s hard to summarize three eventful years, but we will try! In February 2016 we had our first public event in Sweden, a so called Creative Exchange, where we offered a chance for enterprises in the creative sector to meet and share knowledge. The theme of the event was The art of getting paid. It started with a show by our local magician Arkadia and continued with a panel discussion about the challenges of getting proper paid for creative work. Around 40 people showed up to listen to the 5 speakers in the panel. This event is filmed and can be seen at our youtube channel.

Later the same year, in summer 2016, we invited international guests to a Creative Hotspot at Urkult folk festival. This was the biggest challenge for Technichus during the project! But it turned out nicely and we had some really great days hosting 20 people from Finland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. The guests was both project coordinators and talented handicrafters who sold their products at the festival market, they also presented their work on stage at our Pecha Kucha-event.


The Creative Hotspot activity is a chance for creative enterprises to try their products and services abroad without risking any money. It’s also a good opportunity for them to meet new colleagues, friends and customers and enlarge their network. During the project we have chosen one established event in each of the 5 partner regions and we supported 50 creative enterprises in total, to join us at these events. Except from supporting the enterprises it’s also a chance to support events in Europes Northern Edge and to show the different regions to new visitors. Here’s a list of the events:

Urkult Folk Festival, Mid-Sweden, Summer 2016
Digital DNA, Northern Ireland, Autumn 2016
Arctic Design Week, Northern Finland, winter 2017
Vaka Folk Arts Festival, North East Iceland, Spring 2017
Galway Film Fleadh, West of Ireland, Summer 2017


In winter 2016 we once again had the chance to invite our international partners to our region for Team Meetings and visits at creative places in Västernorrland

One year ago, on the first of March 2017 we launched the redesigned version of our online platform MyCreativeEdge.eu by cutting the ribbon at a launching event in the shop Made in Medelpad. At MyCreativeEdge.eu creative enterprises can publish a portfolio and write blog posts to show their work and inspire others, here we also publish a lot of news and activities from all partner regions.

During the project we also arranged some online networking activities like the peer to peer mentoring opportunity called Creative2Creative Matching Programme and the workshop Creative Steps, where students and companies collaborate to solve entrepreneurial challenges.

As we wrote earlier it has been great working with Creative Momentum and MyCreativeEdge and even if you always wish for more time and a larger budget to achieve even more, we are proud of what we have accomplished! We are delighted about all creativity and activity that’s going on in our region and world wide! We would like to propose a big thank you to everyone involved in the project; all partners, creative enterprises, external collaborators and students! Good luck in the future and don’t forget that MyCreativeEdge.eu will continue to be alive and kicking!

Technichus Science Center


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