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Published: 26 Aug 2017

Taking a Creative Business Abroad event

I attended the “Taking a Creative Business Abroad” event in Ards Town Hall on 24/8/17. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was free for starters! And we all got loads of free, lovely food. Well prepared teas and coffees and we all got to talk about Art! What more could you want?!

Five main speakers gave their views on their recent trip to Finland to expand their businesses. Photographs were shown on a large projector screen behind the speakers. This gave the audience a chance to see what the participants experienced without having to use too many words. This meant the event concentrated on what was important – art!

The Finland event, where 6 Creative Momentum members travelled to Finland to network and experience Nordic hospitality was, it appeared, a genuinely memorable and rewarding occasion. I was quite jealous listening to and seeing the faces of the speakers describe in pure joy their individual experiences!

I am learning about the Art business and it was fascinating to meet professional artists from my own local country and picking up tips from them.

Niall Drew, the event’s organiser, was very charming, a clear speaker and funny!

I look forward to attending many more events organised by Niall. I urge Creative Edge members to attend many of the Creative Edge and Creative Momentum events. They are a good opportunity to network and learn(and eat)!


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