Published: 8 Nov 2019

Digital Café – Bangor

When? 11 November 2019 / 6.00pm : 8.00pm. Redberry Cafe, 2-4 Main Street, Bangor, BT20 5AG.

Drop into one of our digital café events where we will be offering creative entrepreneurs the opportunity to network in a relaxed environment, while learning how creative businesses can make their marketing process less time consuming and more accessible through technology.

Creative industries are often characterised as having two hugely time-consuming processes to navigate: the designing and the making. But, in order to drive business and allow a creative venture to achieve profit, a third process is almost always required: Marketing.

With an emphasis on Facebook, the digital café will feature a live demonstration of how to design, implement and manage a digital strategy all from a smart phone. Participants will learn how to monitor and manage digital strategies and marketing campaigns “on the go” directly from their device.

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