Published: 28 Mar 2018

Creative Steps 2.0 Northern Ireland

The Creative Steps 2.0 activity has been running in Northern Ireland for the last 4 weeks. This has involved 2 groups of young emerging talent in the Newry campus of Sourthern Regional College (SRC) and one in the South Eastern Regional College (SERC) in the Bangor campus. The First group had been working primarily on a problem set by a candle company called Kimaria.

Kimaria are an Artisan Fragrance Company creating melts, candles and diffusers. They are aware s that their own label products are key to the company’s long term success and survival.

Kimaria has a soy candle product.  It is considered to be close to the very top of the market and its unique scents position it well within the environmentally conscious market for candles. However, whilst one of the critical elements of this product is its environmentally sustainable nature the manner in which the candle is packaged is a problem. The product is packaged in a glass container and whilst it is a recyclable material the company would like to investigate more environmentally sensitive options for the container and the surrounding packaging of the product.

Maria and her team have struggled to find a candle holder and packaging which is aesthetically strong and fulfils the environmentally sustainable credentials that the product requires. It is this problem that the 1st group of emerging talent in Northern Ireland has been working on. On Wednesday the 21s tMarch they presented their solutions at a Creative Exchange in the Craigavon Civic & Conference Centre

The emerging talent presented on three different potential solutions to not just a audience of businesses representative but also to a panel of business experts, one of whom was a cofounder of Kimaria. The questions and answers that followed were succeeded by a keynote from Kevin Gasgell the former CEO of Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini. Kevin then presented the emerging talent with vouchers to the emerging talent and congratulated them on both their presentation and their active involvement in Creative Steps 2.0 which was a creative momentum project activity

The full video of the presentations can be viewed our our facebook pages here


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