Published: 7 Sep 2016

A Northern Ireland Creative Exchange – powered by PechaKucha

When? 9 August 2016 / 7.00pm : 9.00pm. Tommy Makem Arts & Community Centre in Keady, Armagh.

On Tuesday the 9th August at 7:00pm the Tommy Makem Arts & Community Centre in Keady, Armagh will be the venue for an evening of creative presentations.

A relaxed setting including light refreshments will give attendees the chance to hear about the Creative Momentum project as well as presentations from creative businesses from the SEED region of Northern Ireland.

The presentations will take the shape of the PechaKucha format, which is each presenter will have 20 slides each of which will last for 20 seconds. The format was designed to help keep presentations tight, informative and flowing and in many cases fun!

The presentations will be professionally filmed so if you would like to be involved, perform a PechaKucha presentation yourself showcasing your own creative idea/ideas or business and have it filmed for your own promotional purposes you can register for the event as follows

Niall Drew
028 3831 2485

to either attend just to view the presentations/network or present yourself registration is essential either way

Tommy Makem Arts & Community


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