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'How to' Guides for MyCreativeEdge.eu

This section is dedicated to the use of MyCreativeEdge.eu and includes a number of guides and supporting tools for creative members, website contributors and visitors.

MyCreativeEdge Profile Tutorials - Step 1: Getting Started


MyCreativeEdge Profile Tutorials - Step 2: Showcasing Your Work


MyCreativeEdge Profile Tutorials - Step 3: Featured Items


MyCreativeEdge Profile Tutorials - Step 4: Making Yourself Known


Video Pitching Toolkit

Under a creative momentum project, selected creative entrepreneurs will receive support to get a pitch video produced. Creatives working in Arts, Crafts, Design and Media & Technology, and based in Northern Finland, South East of Northern Ireland or West of Ireland, can apply to receive support (50% of total cost up to max. €1,500) to get a company from a selected Pool/Panel to produce a pitch video for their business/product/service/idea.

What’s inside the VPT

Chapter 1 – Introduction: This is an introduction to the Video Pitching Toolkit initiative. It provides guidelines on how to use the Toolkit.

Chapter 2 – The art of selling your idea: This gives very specific tips on how to script your pitch and your video in general.

Chapter 3 – Stages of production: The chapter provides a brief introduction to the world of video production. Antti Sipilä, CEO of OneMinStory, speaks about key points to bear in mind before and during working with a video production company.

Chapter 4 – Urbanid 3D pitching video: Case Study: the VPT team made a demo showing what a cost-effective pitch video is. The video portrays entrepreneur Zoltan Fodor from Urbanid 3D. This chapter tells the story of how the demo was made.

Chapter 5 – Make impact in one minute: Marsa Bäck is CEO of the Finnish Institute for Speech Ltd. She has extensive experience in Communications and Education. She also has a thorough knowledge of how to perform pitching/marketing speeches. In this chapter, Marsa explains how to speak effectively and make an impact in 1 minute.

A Final Report on the Video Pitching Toolkit activity was published in June 2018. It incorporates the full Toolkit, as well as a discussion of how the VPT was developed and the support provided to enterprises to get a pitch video made. It can also be downloaded below.

Chapter 2 - The art of selling your idea

Chapter 4 - Urbanid 3D pitching video

Chapter 5 - Make impact in one minute

Building your pitch video: tips and guidelines


How to deliver a persuasive video pitch


Urbanid 3D Pitching video


Intelligence and Influence

This section is dedicated to the ‘Intelligence and Influence‘ work emerging from a creative momentum project and includes a number of reports for each of our partner regions.

Creative Sector Impact Assessments

Our Economic and Social Impact Assessment reports present key economic estimates, but perhaps more importantly, our analysis goes beyond traditional economic measures to also encompass a wider socio-economic focus. To do this, we combine existing knowledge and statistics, with survey data and in-depth interviews with creative entrepreneurs from a creative momentum project partner regions.

Reports and infographics are available to download for each of our partner regions. An infographic highlighting the socio-economic impacts of the creative sector across peripheral regions is also available to download below.

Supports Assessment

Underpinned by the perspective of creative sector entrepreneurs, our supports assessment reports present analysis of creative sector support needs in a creative momentum project regions. To show strengths of the regions, as well as provide policy insights for other peripheral regions, we outline good practice examples of innovative initiatives, projects and supports in each report.  The key findings inform a number of recommendations to support the future development of the creative sector in the peripheral European partner regions.

Reports are available to download below for the five a creative momentum project partner regions.

Creative Sector Index

As part of a creative momentum project we have developed a series of indices assessing different aspects of creative and cultural sector development in the partner regions.  They provide a relative measure of creative sector performance in a creative momentum project partner regions.  They also act as a tool for understanding creative sector strengths and weaknesses comparatively across the partner regions.

Business Model Toolkit

As part of a creative momentum project we have developed a Business Model Toolkit for Creative Enterprises. It aims to build better understanding among creative entrepreneurs around how to develop and refine their business model to build a business that is more sustainable and competitive by:

  • Exploring the multi-faceted business model concept and its relevance to creative business
  • Providing business model information resources and tools for creative entrepreneurs

This toolkit is targeted towards emerging creative talent thinking of setting up a business, as well as early stage creative entrepreneurs. However, more established creative entrepreneurs without a background in business or management should also find the information it contains useful.

The toolkit is divided into two main sections:

  • ‘Understanding’ explores what a business model is. We explore why it is important that creative businesses effectively develop the business model rationale that underpins their business. This section is not just about information, but also draws on real world examples of creative businesses to illustrate issues, as well as point you towards further resources.
  • ‘Shaping’ includes a number of worksheets that focus on particular themes and tasks. We have developed glossaries focused on de-mystifying the vast array of terms used to describe revenue streams. This part also provides a framework to analyse your own business model.

Download the full Creative Business Model Toolkit and the individual worksheets, glossaries and template below:

Industry News and Career Development

This section focuses on resources that help you stay up to date with developments in the creative and cultural sector, such as jobs, events, general tips and news.  Click on the links below to take you to the resources listed.

Art Connected

Information resource for the arts sector and artists in Ireland on opportunities, jobs, calls, funding, services, equipment and venues.

Arts Professional

UK based arts sector magazine. Includes industry news, events and jobs listings.

Creative Boom

Magazine that aims to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community. Includes resources, tips and inspirational stories around areas such as art, crafts, design and photography.

Creative Careers

Jobs, internships and other opportunities in the arts, creative and cultural sector in Ireland.

Creative Digest

Web magazine geared towards creative professionals, artists and digital entrepreneurs. Also includes listings of UK job vacancies.

Culture Agora

Platform that facilitates the visibility of professional content related to culture and creative industries (e.g. training, financing, employment opportunities, partnerships and crowdfunding). It also aims to help disseminate audio-visual content already hosted in other websites.

Funding and Investment

This section provides details of organisations, funding programmes and investment information relevant to a creative momentum project partner regions.  Click on the links below to take you to the resources listed.


Arts Promotion Centre Finland Grants

Grants and subsidies available from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).

AVEK (Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture)

Grant schemes in support of the audiovisual sector, as well as the wider creative and cultural industries.

Lapland Regional Fund

Funding devoted to promoting and developing the arts, the sciences, and other fields in Lapland.

Northern Film and Media Foundation – POEM

Funding for film and audiovisual development and production.

North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund

Funding devoted to promoting and developing the arts, the sciences, and other fields in North Ostrobothnia.



Karolina Fund

Crowdfunding platform based in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Menningarráð Eyþings

Funding for creative and cultural activities in North East Iceland.


Manages the main national competitive funds and international cooperation programmes in the field of art and culture. Rannís is also the National Agency for Erasmus+ and Creative Europe.


Arts Council Ireland Funding

Funding for arts organisations, artists and groups working with the arts in Ireland.

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Funding

Funding support available for the broadcasting sector in Ireland.

Creative Europe Desk Ireland 

Creative Europe funding to support the culture and audiovisual sectors in Ireland.

Fáilte Ireland Festivals and Events Programme

Funding programme to support festivals and participative events which drive domestic tourism and help to improve the visitor experience in Ireland.

Irish Film Board Funding

Funding available through the Irish Film Board.

Western Development Commission Investment Fund

Investment fund that can provide investment funding for SMEs, community and micro-enterprises, based in, or relocating to, the western region.


Northern Ireland

Arts Council of Northern Ireland Funding

Funding for individual artists and arts organisations in Northern Ireland.

Creative Europe Desk UK

Creative Europe funding to support the culture and audiovisual sectors in the UK.

Creative Industries Routes to Finance Guide

Guide for UK arts, cultural and creative organisations looking to leverage funding and investment from both traditional and non-traditional sources.

Crowding In

Guide to crowdfunding in the UK. Helps with finding crowdfunding platform that suits business needs.

Digital Refer

Details UK based organisations that support and fund innovations in digital technology, creative industries and design sectors.

Northern Ireland Screen Funding

Funding available to the film, television and digital content industry in Northern Ireland.

Invest NI Funding

Financial support available from Invest NI to help your business start, grow, develop new products, explore new markets and improve performance.


Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Allocates grants to individual artists and supports the work of artists, their development and international contacts.

Swedish Performing Arts Agency Supports

Financial support for innovative collaborative music projects.


European Investment Project Portal

Project promoters based in the EU can register projects in the European Investment Project Portal to boost visibility to a large network of international investors.


Database on public funding for film and audiovisual works in Europe.

Nordic Culture Fund

Support for artistic or cultural projects that involve at least three Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland).

Building Networks

Online Platforms and Directories

This section details online directories, information and networking platforms relevant to the cultural and creative sector in a creative momentum project partner regions and at the wider European level. Click on the links below to take you to the resources listed.

Arctic Pearls

Listings of craft and designers in Lapland. Includes information on practitioners as well as shops and places to visit.

Creative Ireland

Online home for the creative Irish design community. Creative Ireland includes a design community directory, jobs page and discussion forum.

Creative Partners

Platform for cultural organisations to present themselves to those who are seeking partners. Organisations can also search for partners for their projects. Can be helpful to source partners when making an application to EU funded programmes.

Creatives’ Europe Connect Directory

Allows members and other interested parties to connect to each other, view news and information, as well as exchange information and knowledge. The Creatives’ Europe Connect Directory can help with finding partners for a European collaboration project.

Creative Tracks

Creative Tracks aims to connect young entrepreneurs active in the cultural and creative sectors across the world so they can share ideas, concerns and find new partners.

Design Directory Ireland

Searchable register of designers, design companies and architectural practices in Ireland. Helps to link the Irish design community to business, other designers and to the public.

Icelandic Design Centre Directory

Directory of designers and architects in Iceland.


Online platform for Nordic producers of performing arts to showcase their work to an international audience.

Theatre Northern Ireland Freelancers Directory

Online directory of Theatre Northern Ireland members covering performing arts and theatre practitioners in Northern Ireland.

Organisations and Groups

This section details state bodies, organisations and groups in the cultural and creative sector relevant to a creative momentum project partner regions. Click on the links below to take you to the listed organisations.


Artists’ Association of Lapland

Organisation promoting contemporary art made in Lapland. Arranges exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

Neo Games

Member-based non-profit game industry organisation supporting the development of the Finnish game sector.

Suomen elokuvasäätiö (Finnish Film Foundation)

National agency for promotion of the film in Finland.

Taike (Arts Council of Finland)

National agency for promotion of the arts in Finland.

Taito Lappi (Lapland Craft Association)

Regional organisation supporting Finnish craft and preservation of skills across generations. Part of national organisation Taito.


Handverk og hönnun (Craft and Design)

Non-profit organisation supporting craft and design in Iceland.

Hönnunarmiðstöð Íslands (Iceland Design Centre)

The Iceland Design Centre promotes Icelandic design and architecture.

Kvikmyndamiðstöð Íslands (Icelandic Film Centre)

National agency for promotion of the film in Iceland.

Myndlistarfélagið (Artists’ Association)

Organisation promoting artists and advocating their interests. Aims to foster dialogue, increase awareness and knowledge about art.

Performing Arts Iceland

Umbrella organisation of all performing arts organisations in the country, such as festivals, groups and unions.

Textílfélagið (Textile Guild of Iceland)

National organisation supporting the visibility and development of textile art.



Animation Ireland

National trade association for Irish animation sector.

Arts Council of Ireland

National agency for the development of arts in Ireland.

Design and Crafts Council of Ireland

National development agency for craft and design in Ireland.


National Irish game makers association representing both analog and digtial.

Institute of Designers in Ireland

Representative body for design professionals in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Irish Film Board

National development agency for Irish film investing in film, television and animation.

Local Arts Offices

Network of local arts development offices at local authorities across Ireland providing a variety of support services.

Local Film Offices

Network of local film offices supporting the development of the sector across Ireland.

Screen Producers Ireland

Member organisation and advocacy group for the independent film, TV, animation and digital production sector in Ireland.

Theatre Forum

National member organisation and advocacy group for performing arts in Ireland.

Visual Artists Ireland

Representative body for visual artists in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


Northern Ireland

Arts Council Northern Ireland

Development agency for arts in Northern Ireland.

Craft Council Northern Ireland

Promotes and develops contemporary craft in Northern Ireland.

Creative Skillset

Organisation working with the UK’s screen-based creative industries to develop skills and talent.

Institute of Designers in Ireland

Representative body for design professionals in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Northern Ireland Screen

Development agency for film, television and games in Northern Ireland.

Theatre NI

Representative body supporting the development of theatre and performing arts in Northern Ireland.

Visual Artists Ireland

Representative body for visual artists in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


Art Västernorrland

Support for artists and the development of the arts in Västernorrland.

Design Västernorrland

Non-profit organisation working to develop the design sector in Västernorrland and the surrounding region.

Film and TV Producenterna (Swedish Film and TV Producer Association)

National member organisation for independent producers in film and TV.

Hemslöjden (National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies)

Umbrella organisation for Sweden’s handicraft societies, including regional groups such as Medelpads Hemslöjd.


National organisation representing Swedish artists, industrial designers and craftspeople.

Kulturrådet (Swedish Arts Council)

National arts development and promotion agency.

Musikverket (Swedish Performing Arts Agency)

Supports music nationally, promoting excellence and artistic regeneration, as well as preserving theatre, dance and music heritage.

Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor (National Swedish Handicraft Council)

National organisation for the promotion and funding of handicraft in Sweden.

Scenkonst Västernorrland 

Local organisation supporting the development of dance, film, music and theater in Västernorrland. Includes Norrdans, Nordiska Kammarorkestern, Teater VästernorrlandFilm Västernorrland, Musik Västernorrland and Dans Västernorrland.

Svenska Filminstitutet (Swedish Film Institute)

National development agency for film in Sweden.

Svenska Tecknare (Association of Swedish Illustrators and Graphic Designers)

National member-based representative organisation for illustrators, graphic designers and animators also supporting professional development.

Svensk Form (Swedish Society of Crafts and Design)

National not-for-profit membership association promoting Swedish design regionally, nationally and internationally. Regional associations include Svensk Form Västernorrland.


Business Development Resources

This section lists business development resources relevant to entrepreneurs and organisations in the creative and cultural sector across a creative momentum project partner regions. The first section details resources of relevance across the creative and cultural sector. The remaining sections list resources by country as most contain information on nationally specific supports and information. However some might be of wider interest. Click on the links below to take you to the resources listed.

Business Development Resources

The Creative Entrepreneur Toolkit

Targeted towards early stage creative entrepreneurs, this toolkit is structured around ten characteristics identified as held by successful creative entrepreneurs. It aims to enable the creative entrepreneur to look at what they do and how they do it, and think about ways in which they can further develop their skills. It was developed by the Creativity and Innovation Company as part of the Think Kit project.

Culture Hub: Good Practice in Cultural Services 

Good practice case studies in the delivery of cultural services. Online hub developed by the UK Local Government Association and Arts Council England.

Craft and Micro Enterprise Open Educational Resources

Training content and modules targeted at enhancing competitiveness of micro and craft-type enterprises in rural areas to foster their chances of growth and access to the EU single market and EU opportunities. Cover areas such as business planning, marketing and financial management.

Creative Project Canvas

Modeled on the on Business Model Canvas, the Creative Project Canvas is a tool for artistic and cultural practitioners to elaborate, clarify, evaluate and reflect on past, present and future projects, products and services. It aims to help creatives transform ideas into sustainable projects.


Business Development Resources: Finland

Enterprise Finland

Information on starting, developing and internationalising a business in Finland.

Business Development Resources: Iceland

Icelandic Startups

Help for startups to grow within and outside of Iceland. Works to assist accelerating businesses development, as well as  grow connections with industry experts, investors and leading startup hubs abroad.

Innovation Centre Iceland

Encourages innovation and promotes the advancement of new ideas in the Icelandic economy by providing support to entrepreneurs and businesses.

Business Development Resources: Ireland

Design and Craft Enterprise

Help and advice from the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) with starting and growing a craft enterprise.

Enterprise Ireland

Works in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales.

Supporting SMEs Online Tool

Online guide to Government support for start-ups in Ireland.

The Manual: A Survival Guide for Visual Artists

A guide to working as a artist developed by Visual Artists Ireland.

Think Business

Information and guidance on starting, growing and running a business. Includes guides, tools, templates, checklists and  other content tailored to meet the needs of Irish business owners and managers.

InterTradeIreland Guide to Cross-Border Business

Guide to expanding your business into the cross-border market.


Business Development Resources: Northern Ireland

Arts Business Support Resources

Business support tools in areas such as governance, legislation and funding resources from Arts Council Northern Ireland.

Audience Finder

A national audience data and development tool, Audience Finder  enables cultural organisations to understand, compare and apply audience insight. Access to some resources is free, but there are also paid options.

Craft NI Business Resources

Information on craft enterprise in Northern Ireland including a guide to starting up a craft business covering financial operations, staffing, funding, tax, and legal implications.

Creative Enterprise Toolkit & Worksheets

Guide and tools to help develop a business plan and model tailored to your goals and motivations.

InterTradeIreland Guide to Cross-Border Business

Guide to expanding your business into the cross-border market.

NI Business Info

Wide range of advice, tools, information and resources on running a business in Northern Ireland.


Business Development Resources: Sweden

Almi Mitt

Advisory services, loans and venture capital through all phases of the business development.

Bizmaker (Åkroken business incubator)

Regional business incubator offering a creative office environment and an efficient process for the development of people, businesses and emerging growth companies.

Coompanion Västernorrland

Offers information, advice and training on how to start your own cooperative business.

Miun Innovation

Support for students who wants to start a business.


Information and tools for starting and developing a company in Sweden. Contains information from three government agencies – the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.