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Published: 5 Oct 2016

Antti Kaarlela, WhatEverGroup & EverWhatProductions

WhatEverGroup/EverWhatProductions is one of the 3 Finnish businesses attending the Digital DNA conference in Armagh. WhatEverGroup/EverWhatProductions is a production company and creative media powerhouse from Oulu.

The company produces compelling narratives in the fields of TV, Film, Literature and Theatre as well as tailored live events. Currently EverWhatProductions is working on a TV series revolving around the figure of a clumsy elf, and also on a documentary on the man who made the first goal in the modern Champions League. Whatevergroup is concentrating on promoting a children’s book and arranging a live event series combining Music with Fine Arts.

The company was established in 2011 and has done international work – this year it worked in both Italy and Turkey! CEO Antti Kaarlela is currently in Armagh and sees the Digital DNA as a great way of widening his professional network and “explore co-operation opportunities, new ideas and creative projects with other participants.”

Antti was attracted by the idea that, at the conference, there would be many like-minded people willing to meet new people: “I have always been keen on meeting new people and networking. I truly believe that this is a great possibility for me and my company to build strong connections with other creative companies.” Antti is expecting to take home some new skills and pearls of knowledge, especially from the visit to the Amma Centre tomorrow.


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