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Published: 25 Jun 2018

Final Report on Video Pitching Toolkit

As part of ‘a creative momentum project’ we have developed a Video Pitching Toolkit (VPT) as a support programme and Toolkit for creative entrepreneurs. The final report on this activity has now been published Video Pitching Toolkit: Final Report (PDF, 5MB)

Video Pitching Toolkit

The Video Pitching Toolkit helps and guides entrepreneurs to plan their own pitching video for their business, product or service.  Investing in a video is always a big decision for a company. Even though production costs have decreased because of digitalisation, the overall investment can be relatively expensive for a micro company. However, the impact of a marketing video is growing on social media marketing.

Planning of a video saves both time and money. When making a plan for a video, there is the possibility to understand how much everything will cost. It also helps to create better collaboration between the video production service-provider and the client if they understand each other better.

All the resources of the Video Pitching Toolkit can be found in the Knowledge Centre


VPT Support

The VTP activity did not only include the development of an online Toolkit, but also financial support towards the development of pitch videos.  The final report goes through the process of implementing the support programme to create demonstration videos in participating regions.

The original aim was to support (50% of costs to maximum support of €1,500) 10-15 creative entrepreneurs to produce a demo ‘pitch’ video. Positively, this opportunity proved interesting to many creatives. Overall, 30 creative entrepreneurs applied to the support programme and 25 video production companies were included in the production company pool. Eventually however, only two videos were produced, mainly because of a lack of time and resources.

Based on the experience, it was found that the VPT support was a very challenging activity. The main problem was the readiness and capacity of enterprises to invest 50% of the total costs, meaning that the total cost of a video could be almost €3,000. Our experience from this activity indicates that €1,500 is too high a requirement for many self-employed creative entrepreneurs.

The implementation of the support programme and the issues which arose are examined in the final report which is available in the Knowledge Centre or to download directly

Video Pitching Toolkit: Final Report (PDF, 5MB)


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