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Published: 10 Feb 2017

Herdís Björk

Herdís Björk is a graphic designer and an artist with certification as a teacher. Her work is diverse but mostly focuses on illustrations, book design, product and app design. Herdís also teaches History of Art and Design at the Akureyri Junior College.


She participated in Imago Mundi 2013 and last year she took part in BETT Technical Show in London with a start-up company called 2know. Herdís is interested in making new connections and networking to benefit her business, both as an artist and a designer. She believes that getting to know different cultures is the greatest inspiration.


Herdís has diverse background in arts and design. In recent years, she collaborated in many projects. For example, she took part in Design March (Icelandic Design Week) with an exhibition at the Akureyri Art Museum and worked with writers on designing and illustrating their books. 



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