Published: 27 Apr 2018

Iceland Creative Trails App – Introduction meeting


A meeting was held to introduce Iceland Creative Trails App, which is a part of a creative momentum project, was held at Into the Arctic museum in Akureyri on April 17th. The meeting was well attended. Soup, bread and coffee was served at the meeting.

The meeting was attended by representatives of museums and craftspeople from North Iceland, together with designers from the area.

At the meeting, the app Iceland Creative Trails App was introduced and it’s future. The app aimes to bring museums and companies in the creative field in North Iceland to tourists and people who are intrested in the creative industries. Already 10 designers and 7 museums in the north of Iceland have signed up, but the aim is to get all the museums, designers and handicraft groups in North Iceland to be participants in the app. Along with the presentation of the app, the future of the app was discussed, such as marketing, maintenance costs and who will be responsible for the app in the future. One of the options is that the participants will establish an association that will be responsible for the trails. Participants would have to pay fee, for instance yearly. The guests showed a lot of interest in the app, how it can help their business to get more attention and had interesting ideas of the future of Creative Trails.


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