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Published: 22 Nov 2017

Opportunities from Iceland

New opportunities from Iceland are available on MyCreativeEdge.eu!

A recent addition to the list of Shared Creative Spaces is Deiglan, a multi-purpose exhibition space, ideal for art and music. The facilities used to belong to the old dairy factories, like the majority of buildings on Art Street, Akureyri. When the dairy factories moved in the early 1990s, artists and other interest groups founded the Gil Society with the aim of setting up Art Street as it is today.

The Gil Society runs the Gil Artist Residency programme, which aims to attract international artists to Akureyri. Artists can avail of an apartment and studio access. They can also work and exhibit in Deiglan.

The main purpose of the Gil Artist Residency programme is to stimulate creativity through interaction with the local environment, artists and cultural institutions, and seek to foster relations between participants and the local community. More information on this programme is available here.





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