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Published: 21 Sep 2016

Niina Karvinen from Somanen/Soma Media Oy

Soma Media Ltd. is one of the 3 Finnish companies that will receive Creative Hotspot Support to attend the Digital DNA. It runs Somanen – a multiplatform for live streaming and vlogs (=videblogs).

According to CEO Niina Karvinen, the traditional broadcasting model is gone and live streaming is already very much available: “What makes live streaming great is that it’s the ultimate FOMO killer (FOMO: fear of missing out). It’s great for people who want to experience something when they can’t be there in person.”

Live streaming helps brands move from storytelling tostoryliving. They can broadcast behind the scenes at big topical events to share footage that people wouldn’t otherwise get to experience first-hand.

In Somanen one can live stream and/or download video content and get immediately paid for it. In addition to traditional video advertising Somanen enables micropayments between audience and content producers. At Somanen, live streamers are able to start earning right away.

Somanen has a social dimension, as it provides a platform where content producers and audiences can interact by chatting, leaving comments and – of course – video replies. “Maybe the best thing about live streaming is the fact that you can make your audience larger simply by streaming meaningful content in the online world. It’s not only about showing your brand to potential customers. With live streaming you caneducate people about your company and the brand.”

CEO Niina Karvinen is a marketing communication specialist with 15 years of experience. She has a good know-how and strong background in ICT business and, over the years, she has helped companies to find the right customers and channels to expand their business both nationally and internationally. In the last five years, she has worked with multiple game companies and has strengthen her skills in business and marketing intelligence.

Niina is very excited about her participation in the Digital DNA. She is looking for networking opportunities, as her company is looking to expand in international markets:“This event would benefit us especially with regard to learning the latest digital industry insights and familiarising with upcoming trends. I’d also like to meet digital media business representatives who have already successfully developed their business through transnational activities, and also those approaching internationalisation like us.”


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