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Published: 24 Apr 2017

Sámi musician Oula Guttorm looks forward to Vaka Folk Festivals

Oula is a 26-year-old Sámi man from Inari, Northern Finland. He obtained his degree in Humanities from Oulu University and majored in Northern Sámi. Oula has been working with Sámi music since he was 15. He is currently involved in the Sámi Music Centre in Sajos. He is the Producer of Ijahis idja – a music festival celebrating indigenous people – and is also Artist Manager at Tuupa Records Ltd. Oula has a band, which which he released 4 albums and 5 singles, all in Sámi language.

Oula has worked with many Northern Scandinavian festivals. As a musician, he has played all around the Europe.

He is interested in folk music events and will receive support under a creative momentum project to participate in Vaka Folk Arts Festival, Iceland next month. Vaka presents a singular opportunity to enjoy the very best folk musicians, dancers and crafts workers, rooted in the traditional folk arts of Iceland, along with performers from the Nordic and the other countries of northern Europe.

Oula is looking forward to meeting and connecting with other festival producers, sharing thoughts with them. He is particularly interested in learning lessons on how to organize even better festivals and may meet artists, who could be asked to perform in Inari one day. Oula is also interested in finding new festivals and events at which the artists he represents could perform.

At Vaka, Oula will bring the Sámi perspective. The work of the musicians he represents is seen as part of Sámi cultural heritage. Oula will share his knowledge on what it takes to organise a successful festival in a remote area. Sámi culture will be central to his intervention, as Oula is very familiar with the organisation of traditional Sámi music workshops for Sámi children and young people at the Sámi music centre.


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