Published: 24 Nov 2016

5th Operational Management team meeting – Partners from Finland, Ireland and Sweden met in Härnösand

Early November Creative Momentum had their 5th Operational Management team meeting. Partners from Finland, Ireland and Sweden met in Härnösand to discuss activities and outcomes of the project. Upcoming Creative Hotspots, Creative2Creative matching programme and the new MyCreativeEdge-site was some of the topics during the three day-meeting in Mid Sweden.

To get an idea of what the creative industry looks like in Västernorrland the partners also made some visits at shared creative spaces. The first place we stopped by was Mannaminne where we met Anders Åberg, the artist behind this extraordinary exhibition area. We also visited the shared creative space in the old school in Näsänget. Here 6 handcrafters work and live together in the old school-building, they all met while they studied craft at Träakademin.

They have different knowledge and alignment within craft but they have one thing in common, they practise old reliable methods, combined with modern techniques. They restore windows, furniture and tiled stoves for example.

– It is very supporting to have visitors who likes what we do, very interesting to hear more about the project as well, says Daniela Baumann who welcomed us at Näsängets old school.

It was intense and interesting days in a snowy Härnösand! The Operational Management team meeting mainly took place at Technichus Science Center, one of 6 partners in this project. Lina Dahlbom, Operative manager at Technichus, took her guests on a guided tour around the building to show how Technichus work to teach people in different ages about science and technology. And during a dinner at Vägg i Vägg the international guests got surprised by a dance performance by Elin Kristoffersson, Korona dans. Elin was also one of the entrepreneurs who was interviewed by our researcher Aisling Murtagh from National University of Ireland, Galway. Aisling interviews creative people in different regions to analyse and compare the creative sector in Europe’s northern edge.



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