Published: 4 Jan 2018

Four ways to enter the jewellery market

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with dressing up, at least in Sweden. So, let us start the new year by presenting four different jewellery designers. They all come from the same region in Mid Sweden but they have totally different approach.

One of these designers especially encourage creativity and her customers own will to create. Her name is Britt-Mari Morsay and she has been working with wool since the 1970’s. She got a lot of experience and she is eager to share her knowledge, she also sells wool and do-it-yourself-kit for people who would like to work with wool themselves. She’s not only doing jewelleries, she has many different creations in her portfolio but right now she is probably most known for her colourful bracelets made of felt balls.

The second designer we would like to introduce is Sanna Grannas, she uses a lot of storytelling and place based branding to promote her products. She has designed a special type of jewellery you can attach on your shirt buttons. Her brand is called Runa of Sweden and during 2017 she received the award Talent of the year.

“The birth of Runa took place in a World Heritage site called the High Coast, located in the middle of Sweden. Twenty thousand years ago this area was covered with a three-kilometer-thick layer of ice that pressed down the land underneath. Since then the area has risen eight hundred meters, the world’s biggest land uplift after the Ice Age, and created an impressive landscape.”

“The name Runa means secret and wisdom. It is also the name for a set of letters and symbols that people used thousands of years ago to tell their stories and mark what was theirs. Now it´s your turn to make your mark!”

Sanna Grannas use a lot of descriptions like this, inspired by the history of her region.

     The jewelleries at the pictures above is designed by Åsa Backman

Next to be noticed is Åsa Backman, a considerate designer who mostly work with silver to create beautiful jewelleries. Åsa Backman runs a company called Alti. The name is a short version of the Swedish word for always, written in dialect. The name consists of the two first letters of each of her kids’ names, her children is one of her biggest source of inspiration.

Pretty often Åsa use text on her products, and as you can wear for example a necklace around your neck all the time, it can be a very effective place for different words and phrases.

A couple of years ago Åsa made a jewellery with an ambition to help people to prevent stress. The product reminds the customer to relax and take a moment to just breathe. This jewellery is called Andas and it came with an app with more tools to help you relax. An idea Åsa attracted a lot of attention for!

     The jewelleries at the pictures above is designed by Eva E Eriksson

Last but not least we will present Eva E Eriksson. She has been working as a silver smith for 14 years now, earlier she worked as an interior designer at IKEA. She finds inspiration in her knowledge and great interest of design, architecture and nature. She is also interested in Nordic handicraft and to mix different materials.

Two years in a row Eva E Eriksson has cooperated with a big local running event in Sundsvall and she has designed first, second and third prize for the fastest runners. Eva is very active on local events and trade fairs and it’s likely that you find her and her products at different happenings in Mid Sweden. She also combines her own creating by holding courses and workshops for public groups. At the moment, she is working to expand her product range to include not only jewelleries, we are excited to see what she will deliver.


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