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Published: 6 Dec 2017

Textile experiences and art ideas weaved together in international collaboration

Margareta Sörlin from Salsåker in Mid Sweden is one of the creatives involved in our Creative2Creative Matching Programme. Through the programme she has been matched with Frances Crowe from Roscommon in Ireland, they both work with hand woven tapestries. With some coordination from ‘a creative momentum project’ and the mentor Linda Ford they have taken the first steps.

– It’s very nice to talk to Frances and share experiences with her! It’s unusual to work with hand woven tapestries in Sweden but thanks to Frances I have the chance to enlarge my network, Margareta tells us.

Frances is always keen to connect with other tapestry weavers in Europe and around the world, as this art form can be very solitary.

– We do not have a tradition of woven tapestry in Ireland, but through workshops, classes, artists talks and exhibitions I am keen to change that, says Frances.

Margareta exhibited at a temporary art trail one and a half years ago, that was the first time she showed her work in public. During the exhibition she got a lot of positive feedback and she felt that the audience was interested. She was surprised by the attention – It wasn’t expected.

– I have made tapestries for more than 20 years now but mostly at home as a calm down-activity, Margareta says.

From now on she wants to focus more on her creative work. Since the first exhibition Margareta has showed her tapestries on two more exhibitions. One of them at Mannaminne during summer 2017.

– That’s a dream come true for me. I love that place, it’s so inspiring, a great idea! And it’s so nice that I got the chance to exhibit there.

Margareta and Frances plan to have an exhibition together in the future, a little tour with at least two stops. One in Mid Sweden and one in West of Ireland. Frances has a lot of experience of creating exhibitions and that’s one thing Margareta hopes to receive more knowledge about.

– I would love to invite Margareta to Ireland during the Rosommon Lamb Festival in May 2018 to view the tapestry exhibition ’Interconnections 2’ which will be held in King House, Boyle. This is a a collaboration between a group of Irish and Scottish weavers. At the same time the ’Fate, Destiny and Self Determination’ international weaving project will be opening at Roscommon County Council after travelling from Toronto, Canada. Margareta would have the chance to meet the Director of the European Tapestry Forum, Anet Brusgaard, who is travelling from Copenhagen to launch the exhibition, adds Frances.

Margareta and Frances also plan to do a trip to France together to visit Les Gobelins in Paris. In France they have a long tradition of working with hand woven tapestries and Les Gobelins is still going strong with a big workshop in Paris.

– I have longing to go there for a long time to watch and learn and get new inspiration, Margareta says.

At the moment she and Frances are doing some research to find a good place for their exhibition. They are also looking for funding for their trip to France.

– My passion is to bring us all together in one place. To celebrate our unique way of working, and to speak about what drives us to create, concludes Frances.

Want to see more from Margareta and Frances, visit their websites:
Frances: www.francescrowe.com
Margareta: www.margaretasorlin.com


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