Published: 19 Dec 2016

The Beacons & Beyond workshop in Tornio was a success

On 4 November 2016, a creative momentum project in collaboration with DÄM (Digital Intelligence Mobile-Solutions, in English) organised the Beacons & Beyond workshop at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Tornio, Northern Finland.

The workshop was led by Mika Koskiola from Proximi i.o – a Finnish IoT startup which has received extensive coverage abroad. The company’s core product is a platform that combines all the major indoor and outdoor positioning technologies, enabling developers to create location aware applications in just minutes. Proximi.io is the world’s first developer focused technology-agnostic positioning platform.

In the Summer of 2016, the French IoT Valley selected the company as one of the Top 10 European IoT startups. Proximi.io also won the Travelers and Advertising Next Interaction Award which was held during the VivaTechnology conference.

Mika Koskiola has been responsible for the design and development of the platform and is a renown expert of the topic in Finland.


Mika Koskiola presented Proximi i.o company and explained how the Beacons technology works. He also talked about how the technology can be used by very different companies. The workshop was great opportunity to find out more about a new technology and get to know a company that uses it.

During the first part of the workshop, Mika Koskiola showed examples of how Beacons has been applied in Marketing and spoke about future developments in this field. The second part was dedicated to testing Beacons. Participants tried out the Beacon program process, using their own phones or computers.

Beacons are a good way to deal with Marketing and Advertising, and it can work for smaller as well as larger enterprises. If you would like to find out more about this event, watch tthe full video here.


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