Published: 4 Jan 2016

First Industry Advisory Group meeting in Västernorrland

One of the goals of a creative momentum project is to set up regional Industry Advisory Groups (IAGs) to make sure that the project’s activities are as beneficial and effective as possible. The Swedish IAG was the first to meet on 8 December 2015 at the County Museum in Västernorrland. The meeting was attended by 10 people, who participated in multiple discussions.

The Swedish IAG is diverse insofar as it encompasses different areas of the creative sector: there are a Design lecturer from the Master’s Programme in Industrial Design at Mid Sweden University, a blacksmith from a rural business association, a web developer and an art advisor, and industry developers from different municipalities in Västernorrland.


The Swedish IAG discussed the needs, challenges and aspirations of the creative sector. It also discussed how a creative momentum project could best support creative entrepreneurs.

a creative momentum project could address the issue of the simplification of the prototyping process and help entrepreneurs create professional prototypes. It could also create awareness of the difficulties linked to operating as a business in the creative sector. There is a lack of knowledge in how to start-up a business in this industry; what kind of supporting systems can be accessed; the notion of ‘crowdfunding’ and much more. Many Business Programmes and courses do not really suit the creative industries. Other topics of discussion were how to shape attractive meeting places, how to bring together creative people and how to cooperate with established events.

Can a creative momentum project offer better options – options that are tailored to creative entrepreneurs?

After the meeting, the launch of an architectural exhibition took place at the county museum and some of the IAG members attended it.


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