Published: 20 Dec 2017

Jo-Jo the Dog Films and e-Coach making a pitching video

E-Coach entrepreneur Marko Vapa and filmmaker Joonas Makkonen from Jo-Jo the dog films ltd were shooting a pitching video for Markos business during December. e-Coach has services from online courses to personal coaching for athletes. e-Coach was one of creative companies that are participating into Video Pitching Toolkit support program.

‘a creative momentum project’ has been developing a new Video Pitching Toolkit (VPT) to help creative entrepreneurs to develop pitching videos for their business.  The Toolkit will guide all types of creative enterprises – Arts, Crafts, Design and Media & Technology – on how to develop an effective 1-2 minute ‘pitch’ video for their business, products, services or ideas.  It’s aimed at those who may just be starting out or have already some experience but would like to do it better. a creative momentum project’ will provide financial support (50% of total costs up to max. €1,500) to 10-15 creative entrepreneurs (from Northern Finland, South East of Northern Ireland and West of Ireland) to produce a ‘pitch’ video.

Joonas is a film director, screenwriter and CEO of Jo-Jo the Dog Films Ltd company. His company is one of the video production companies from VPT’ production company pool/panel. Marko and Joonas had good drive going on during the filming of e-Coach pitching video.

“Day has been going really good and making the video has been fun.” entrepreneur Marko says. Filming location was located in a warehouse near skiing centre in Keminmaa, countryside between Tornio and Kemi. “This was good location to build this filming set, the green screen could never fit in my home where i mostly practice my craft.” Marko tells.

All the filming equipment fits into normal passenger car, so it’s easy to move, build up and take apart. “Filming set always looks bigger when it is set up, but all this was manageable to bring by one man by one car.” Joonas tells.

Marko presents his company in a very brief way that contains the main idea of his service.

These sort of short, pitching or commercial videos are very typical productions to Joonas. “I’ve been doing tv spots and internet commercials and these sort of straight forwarded productions are usually the cost effective ones.”

After the filming day Joonas will do post production for the video and Markos videos premiere will be in January. “I’m aiming for the post-Christmas markets, when people start the healthy lifestyle again.” Marko laughs.


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