Published: 16 Mar 2017

Be matched with a creative person based in another region!

Graphic design by Swedish designer Hanna Simu.

Do you need external expertise, new inspiration and someone to discuss creative solutions with? Or are you curious about how it is to run a creative business like yours in another country?

Right now creative people in Mid-Sweden, West of Ireland, Northern Finland and South East of Northern Ireland have the opportunity to participate in our Creative2Creative Matching Programme and be paired with someone in another region.

Ciarán MacLochlainn at Diaga design studio has already started the programme, they wished to be matched with a Swedish designer with special interest in typography. ‘I suppose the reason we agreed to participate was because we we’re looking for a fresh perspective on design from somebody with a different background and from a design culture we respect, to update our own design operating system’, Ciarán tells with a smile.

‘Nordic design in general, and Swedish in particular, has always been inspirational, from minimalism to their own national font. We feel it would be interesting to see the views from somebody that comes from a place where design has a higher prestige, both in the psyche of people, the policies of government and in general society. That’s something we would love to increase here in Ireland and explore how advantageous that is, or not, as the case may be’, Ciarán continues.

Packaging design by Hanna Simu.

Diaga has been matched with the Swedish designer and illustrator Hanna Simu who is excited about the progress. At the moment, she is studying graphic design and communication at Mid Sweden University and at the same time she is running her own creative business.

Hanna is doing her sixth and last semester at the university right now and is working with her final task. Together with her classmates and other design classes she will exhibit her final work at a design week in Västernorrland in May. ‘It’s a lot going on right now but I really want to get as much out of it as possible and learn as much as I can the last term. It’s nice to bounce ideas with someone and get external input. I really appreciate this kind of opportunities that focus on other regions than Stockholm’, she says.

Apply here to participate in our Creative2Creative Matching programme!


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