Published: 31 May 2017

Meet our Creative2Creative Matching mentoring-consultants

a creative momentum project has assigned additional support to the Creative2Creative Matching programme. An external consultant will help matched pairs set common objectives and review the outcomes of the programme. The consultancy companies are Oulu Business Network (OBN) in Northern Finland, Brilliant Red in Northern Ireland and SCCUL Enteprises CLG in West of Ireland.

Interested? Apply for the 4th and final call for applications . The call is now open and will close on 30 June 2017.

Oulu Business Network – Northern Finland

OBN is a Finnish consulting firm based in Oulu region that specializes in business development. Their customers represent various industries and vary from traditional industries to new technology fields. Altogether OBN have more than 50 years of experience in consulting businesses and producing business services. M.Sc. (Econ) Mikko Pesonen is a senior Consult and partner of OBN. He has worked as a business consultant for 15 years. His expertise covers following areas: StartUp´s, marketing development, innovations, service development and market research. He has done over 400 business projects, mainly for small companies and entrepreneurs.

Brilliant Red – Northern Ireland

Brilliant Red is mentoring, digital strategy and marketing company serving clients across the UK and Ireland. Their extensive experience in both engaging with the creative industries and delivering highly successful mentoring and export focused projects makes them the ideal partner to be involved in the Creative2Creative matching. Helping creative businesses get the most from development opportunities is clearly demonstrated through their highly successful track record. Brilliant Red understand the barriers to development, market expansion and growth that are common to local businesses as well as those that are unique to the creative industries based within the northern periphery of the EU.

SCCUL Enterprises CLG – West of Ireland

Established in 2002, SCCUL Enterprises CLG is a registered charity founded by St. Columba’s Credit Union Ltd. Bizmentors is one of the most important initiatives run by of SCCUL Enterprises CLG. Bizmentors is a mentoring programme for start-ups and small business owners, particularly based in the Galway area. The programme offers businesspeople the opportunity to freely access expertise, guidance and business advice. Thanks to this programme, SCCUL has access to a network of highly qualified and professional business mentors, who offer advice in a range of topics including market design, branding, social media, governance, business planning, accounts, pricing and pitching.

About Creative2Creative Matching

Creative2Creative Matching pairs creative entrepreneurs from the arts, crafts, design or media & technology sectors from across Northern Finland, West of Ireland, Mid-Sweden and the South East of Northern Ireland.  Each pair works together online over a 6 month period (approx. 2 hours a month) to share their experiences of working in the sector in different countries.


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