Published: 23 Oct 2017

A new guide to the creative sector

Look, a new guide for advising the creative sector is here! Behind the book is a Swedish organisation called Coompanion – Cooperative Development. Their mission is to support cooperative businesses, something that is very common in the creative sector.

According to Coompanion, people in the creative sector wish for more advisors who understand their business. Today there is a lack of understanding among many business advisors trying to support the creative sector. That’s why Coompanion has created this guide book, reinforced by solid research.

Examples from the book:

The result of Coompanions research is in many ways similar to the result Creative Momentum got in our study two years ago. For example Coompanion found out that many enterprises in the creative sector work on their own with no employees, and that’s why it’s so important to connect and cooperate with others.

Their research also says that:

  • It is more common with female enterprises in the creative sector than in other sectors.
  • Many people running a business in the creative sector also work part time with other tasks to get a decent salary.
  • It is common with a higher education in this sector, but at the same time there is a lot of self-taught enterprises.

Many entrepreneurs in the creative sector is driven by their passion for creativity rather than running a business. They often run a business to be able to get paid for their work but are not very interested in, or have a high knowledge of, how to run a business. Many entrepreneurs in this sector doesn’t see themselves as an ordinary entrepreneur. They need advisors who understand the sector!

Why is it so important to support the creative sector? According to research, places where culture and creativity is high valued attract more people with an open mind and less prejudice, which leads to business growth and new ideas. A place who offer a rich cultural life is attractive for the inhabitant but it also entices tourists. Not only enterprises in the creative sector benefits from supporting this business field.

The guide book is made for Coompanions advisors, to better understand the target group and to be able to give better support. The organisation is willing to tell more about their study, cooperative businesses and supporting the creative sector, in any occasion. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions: https://coompanion.se/english


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