Published: 8 Jun 2017

Searching For Heaven Finding Hell – the awaited album from Project DownStone is here

It’s been a while since we first met Eddie Jonsson, Thomas Hörnlund and Tobias Arab in a studio in Mid-Sweden this winter. Now it’s finally time to present the new album we have been longing for! It’s called Project DownStone, Searching For Heaven Finding Hell and it is supported by Fingerd productions.

– It’s a lot of work behind it but it’s a great feeling to immortalize your ideas and you get to know a lot of people along the way. It is important to have fun with the whole process, Eddie says.

They recorded the first three songs two years ago, but now all the tracks are ready. Eddie tells us that one song is recorded all in a row, but all the other tunes is recorded one instrument at a time.

– I can hear all the mistakes in the uncut-version but it’s a nice contrast to all the other polished songs, Eddie says.

Eddie is the one who writes the music, but he likes best when the songs are ready and it’s time to involve other musicians. When he got a clear vision, and tries to explain it to others.

– That’s a fun part of the process.

The studio where we met Eddie, Thomas and Tobias, is located in the cellar in Thomas home in Sundsvall. He started to build it 1999 and for the money he has earned from music he bought new equipment and updated the studio. The computer program he uses is called lodgic.

– It feels like I have good gears now, Thomas says.

Surprisingly enough, his advice to you who wants to record your own music is: nowadays you can do a lot with your own computer, if you got a great sound card and good monitors you don’t need to engage a studio.

– We have done eight songs here in this studio the last year, now we polish one song per evening. It’s like that when it is more like a hobby and we have other jobs at the same time, they told us when we visited during mixing this winter.

– I didn’t know the voice of the singer when I wrote the songs. Thomas usually sings country but I think he liked this too, it was something different. We just had to push him and make him angry sometimes to get him in the right mood, Eddie says with a smile.

Eddies advice for writing music is to experiment and have fun.

– On vacant days I wake up, brew some coffee and start to play and experiment with my guitar. Then we continue to build and merge pieces. I need to write before noon, my creativity dies around 3 pm.


"When you write music you need to listen to the song and hear what it screams for."


Eddie Jonsson: guitar and also the one who write music and lyrics
Thomas Hörnlund: song and the studio owner
Tobias Arab: drums

Listen to their album on Spotify


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