Published: 19 Dec 2017

Unique products on the Arctic market

The traditional Arctic market was organized by the University of Lapland’s Arctic Center on 15th-17th of December in Rovaniemi, Northern Finland. As a market space was a science center and museum called Arktikum. Market’s product selection consisted of local materials. Products for sale were high quality, original and Lappish. In this year, the theme was northern handicraft. About 80 handicraft makers from Lapland were selected to sell their unique products like jewelry, decor and wellbeing products, art and local food.

Also four of our creative entrepreneurs participated in this event. Kati Juujärvi has a fashion brand (Katijuu) and her products are designed and manufactured in ateliers in Rovaniemi and Juotas. She has very cute leather and fur accessories in her product selection. Mauri Härkönen (Damastikoru) is an industrial designer who makes unique Damascus jewelry in Rovaniemi. He uses modern technology and traditional handicrafts methods designing and manufacturing his products. Saara Sarparanta (Saara Sarparanta Design) works as a painter, printmaker and an art educator also in Rovaniemi. She gets inspiration for her gorgeous reindeer-themed products from Lappish nature and animals. Katja Lettinen (Moodag Jewelry) arrived to the Arctic market from Inari. She designs her beautiful jewelry with a modern look with traditional silversmithing techniques.

There was a handicraft path included in the Arctic market. The path consisted of handicraft boutiques in Rovaniemi and this year’s locations were:

  • Arktikum shop (Unique handicrafts jewellery and creative presents with Arctic themes),
  • Pilke shop (Surprising and high quality, forest-themed products)
  • Marttiinin wanha tehdas (Knives, special offers and glögg served in ad old factory shop)
  • Lauri Handicrafts (Giftshop and handicraft workshop in a northern style 19th century log house)
  • Korundi shop (Local design, Art and Music from Korundi House of Culture)


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