Published: 10 Jul 2017

The Video Pitching Toolkit is now available

Our Video Pitching Toolkit (VPT) is now available on the Knowledge Centre on MyCreativeEdge.eu.

The VPT includes tips and guidelines on how to develop a persuasive 1 to 3min. pitch video to promote creative products or services, or perhaps attract investment; all this in a cost-effective way!

The toolkit contains articles, graphics and video content for each chapter, helping creative enterprises with various aspects of the pitch video, including the ideation and writing phases. It addresses the following issues:

Chapter 1 


This is an introduction to the Video Pitching Toolkit initiative. It provides guidelines on how to use the Toolkit.

Chapter 2

The art of selling your idea

This chapter gives very specific tips on how to script your pitch and your video in general.

Chapter 3

Stages of production

The chapter provides a brief introduction to the world of video production. Antti Sipilä, CEO of OneMinStory, speaks about key points to bear in mind before and during working with a video production company

Chapter 4

Urbanid 3D pitching video

Case Study: the VPT team made a demo showing what a cost-effective pitch video is. The video portrays entrepreneur Zoltan Fodor from Urbanid 3D. This chapter tells the story of how the demo was made.

Chapter 5

Make an impact in 1 minute

Marsa Bäck is CEO of the Finnish Institute for Speech Ltd. She has extensive experience in Communications and Education. She also has a thorough knowledge of how to perform pitching/marketing speeches. In this chapter, Marsa explains how to speak effectively and make an impact in 1 minute.


a creative momentum project has been working on the VPT under the coordination of Lapland University of Applied Sciences. With the VPT, a creative momentum project is striving to provide a creative solution for creative enterprises that would like to access a more diverse marketplace.

The VTP activity does not only include the development of an online toolkit, but also financial support towards the development of pitch videos. Following a competitive call for applications, a creative momentum project selected 25 video production companies from Northern Ireland, Sweden, Ireland and Finland to be included in a Video Production Company Pool/Panel.

The project is currently in the process of selecting 10-15 creative entrepreneurs (from Northern Finland, South East of Northern Ireland and West of Ireland), who will receive support to work with a production company from the panel and get the perfect pitch video made (50% of total costs up to max. €1,500).

Hopefully the VPT activity will inspire creative entrepreneurs to think about their business in new ways, which can help them save time and money in the realm of marketing and even business development.

If you find our toolkit useful, please spread the word. And let us know if you have any feedback or any idea for content. Feel free to email finland@mycreativeedge.eu

If you would like to access the VPT tutorials, check out our YouTube channel!

Thank you


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