Published: 16 May 2017

25 Video Production Companies Selected for Company Pool

Following our recent call for applications, ‘a creative momentum project’ has now selected 25 video production companies from Northern Ireland, Sweden, Ireland and Finland to be included on our Video Pitching Toolkit – Video Production Company Pool/Panel.

All the companies are members of MyCreativeEdge.eu and demonstrate a wide range of skills, experience and services including motion graphics, animation, live action, aerial photography and 3D.  Many of the companies have extensive experience in developing effective videos for clients including large corporate businesses, artists, sole traders, craftspeople and SMEs.

Video Pitching Toolkit support

A call for applications from creative entrepreneurs for support to get a pitching video produced is now open.  Creatives working in Arts, Crafts, Design and Media & Technology, and based in Northern Finland, South East of Northern Ireland or West of Ireland, can apply to receive support (50% of total cost up to max. €1,500) to get a company from the Pool/Panel to produce a pitching video for their business/product/service/idea.

Overall, 10-15 creative entrepreneurs will be selected to receive support. Each selected enterprise will choose three video production companies from the VPT Company Pool who will be asked to submit a quotation for producing the pitching video for them. The enterprise will then select who they want to produce their pitching video.

Video Production Company Pool/Panel

The 25 video production companies on the Video Pitching Toolkit – Video Production Company Pool/Panel, in alphabetical order, are

  1. Anula Productions (West of Ireland)
  2. Black Hole Studio (West of Ireland)
  3. BNL Productions (Northern Ireland)
  4. Bold Visual Narrative (West of Ireland)
  5. Bolt Digital (West of Ireland)
  6. David Henderson Design (Northern Ireland)
  7. Digital Creatures (West of Ireland)
  8. DNK Media Productions (West of Ireland)
  9. Feeniks Visual (Northern Finland)
  10. GK Media Limited (West of Ireland)
  11. Gullion Media Ltd (Northern Ireland)
  12. Jo-Jo the Dog Films (Northern Finland)
  13. Joulupukki TV (Northern Finland)
  14. Luma Visualis (Nothern Finland)
  15. Mimar Media (West of Ireland)
  16. Mountain North Pictures (Mid-Sweden)
  17. Mutant Koala Pictures (Northern Finland)
  18. Northern Lights Film (West of Ireland)
  19. Paul McGuckin Photography (West of Ireland)
  20. Post Tempus Productions (Mid-Sweden)
  21. Saha Productions (Northern Finland)
  22. Sky High Pictures (Northern Finland)
  23. StationHouse Media (West of Ireland)
  24. Staunton Media (West of Ireland)
  25. Sugartown Films (West of Ireland)

You can download a document with a short bio of each company in the ‘Downloads’ section on the right of this page.


Paul Bradley

23-May-17 1.30pm

How do I apply to join the list of companies on the VPT list? Thanks Applebox Media

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