Published: 7 Nov 2016

Video Pitching Toolkit (VPT) -workshop

Welcome to a Creative Momentum -project Video Pitching Toolkit -workshop 8.12.2016 

Video Pitching Toolkit -activity (VPT) is a support-program for a creative company in participating regions. VPT will help you to access more diverse marketplace by training in and support for the development of video pitches that can be used as transnational marketing and promotional material.

Registration deadline: 4.12.2016


09.00-09.30 – Welcome and introduction, Saila Puukko, Project coordinator & Henri Finström, Project worker

09.30-10.00 – DEMO case, Zoltan Fodor @ Urbanid 3D, VPT-team

10.00-11.00 – Creating a product launch or a pitch video – Presentation by Antti Sipilä, Co – Founder & CEO, OneMinStory

11.00-11.45 – Lunch (self-financed)

11.45-15.00 – Planning a product launch or a pitch video – Workshop by Antti Sipilä, Co – Founder & CEO, OneMinStory

15.00-16.00 – Conclusion, feedback and ending the day


Zoltan Fodor is Co – Founder & CEO of Urbanid 3D. They do 3D-modeling, architectural rendering, and animations. He has made a demo pitching video of his company with VPT -team using SmartSet –low cost professional virtual studio.

Antti Sipilä from Oneminstory video -production company opens up the idea of pitching video by his presentation and leading activating workshop to participants. OneMinStory is a well known video production network company in Finland. OneMinStory creates breakthrough in business, brand and media for customers in all industries by creating short and impactful videos for marketing and communication needs.

Pitching speech is one of the basic tools when you are marketing your company or product. The VPT offers you new ideas for making pitching video and gives you new ways to think about your marketing.

Location: Kauppakatu 58, 95400 Tornio, Minerva building, 1st floor.

Event will be live-streamed online 09.00-11.00 (gmt+2).


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