Published: 19 Dec 2016

Video Pitching Toolkit workshop in Tornio

On 8 December 2016, Lapland University of Applied Science organised a workshop on how to make successful sales video pitches. The event in Tornio was attended by approx. 25 people including entrepreneurs and international students.

The workshop was opened by a creative momentum project Coordinator for Northern Finland, Saila Puukko. Henri Finström, member of the Video Pitching Toolkit (VPT) team, focused on the support opportunities linked to the VPT activity, which is part of a creative momentum project. He also showed a demo video prepared by the VPT team at the event.

Antti Sipilä, founder and CEO of OneMinStory video-production company was the keynote speaker at the event. Sipilä’s presentation was on the topic of creating a product launch or a pitch video. Specifically, the presentation focused on the planning process that clients should go through before getting a video made: the audience, the videos content and who your company really is.

According to Sipilä’s, “it is important to create a new personal interest in the audience and video can do this very effectively. I think that in videos one really needs to show the biggest and most relevant problem that the company in question is addressing – because that bigger the problem is, that better videos line of drama there will be”.

After the lunch, Sipilä  lead a practical workshop. He wanted people to write a script for a pitching video. Entrepreneurs focused on their companies, while students dealt with the business cases for which they were planning pitching videos. Sipilä proposed the OneMinStory’s video planning formula as a planning tool. This is essentially an Excel document, which made the planning process easy to start, even though there were many participants that had never planned a video before.

The day was a success and useful to all participants including the VPT team, which got a better understand of video-making especially in terms of planning ahead.


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