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Julius Oförsagd

Julius Oförsagd

Man who want to make dreams come true. Designer, producer, dreamer. CEO & Creative director of Arctic Factory

We are the Arctic Factory, a place where innovation has a purpose. Located in the heart of the Arctic, in Rovaniemi, Finland, we view life with optimism, we dare to dream beyond the status quo and carve the pathway to a bright future for the Arctic regions. Our stance is always clever and sustainable THINKING, because that’s the way it needs to be. With a team passionate about providing damn good solutions to your questions, we export our expertise to the world, through our two Arctic Factory divisions: the Arctic Design Factory and the Arctic Production Factory.

Arctic Factory provides producing services (events, theater, movies, circus) and design services (industrial, service design, graphic design etc) and consulting services (brand strategy, marketing etc).
One of the our biggest productions is Arctic Design Week which is the world’s northernmost design week in Lapland, Finland.

We love Arctic, we love design and we love crazy ideas!