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Published: 8 May 2017

A Creative Momentum project launches Creative Steps 2.0 Guidelines

Creative Steps 2.0 is a model of an innovation workshop – a guided step by step approach and methodology that helps to develop business ideas in the context of international and cross-border collaboration between the main participants involved in the process: companies, students and business experts.

The aim of the newly launched guidelines is to present, in an easy way, the process of the Creative Steps 2.0 creative innovation workshop. It can be useful for organisations hosting an innovation workshop and also for anyone interested in practical innovation methodology processes. If you’re interested in finding our more you can download:

  1. Mini-guidelines
  2. Full publication of Creative Steps 2.0 Guidelines 

The Creative steps 2.0 model takes into account three main cornerstone that are the ultimate goals of the model:

  • Encouraging entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset development by boosting creativity and innovativeness for the development of innovative business ideas and products and services.
  • Creating a support mechanism for local entrepreneurs to go global and international by enhancing cross-border business-academia collaboration locally and internationally, and enabling the use of modern technology and digital collaboration tools.
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship pedagogies that would better meet the challenges of 21st century working life.

Thus, Creative Steps 2.0 benefits various actors, such as companies, first of all, as well as university students and also education staff. Companies will gain new insights and innovative product as a result of the workshop, students will gain entrepreneurship and innovation competencies and university teachers will have new tools for teaching entrepreneurship. Moreover, the emphasis is on the use of modern technologies, therefore online working and use of various online tools become a big part of collaborative interaction. An additional benefit for all participants is new international network consisting of companies, organisations, experts and young people with inspiring mindsets.  

The first pilot workshop was carried out already in Finland (Rovaniemi and Tornio) in May, 2017 with participation of eight companies from North Finland, Western Ireland, Mid- Sweden and Northern Ireland. They were actively innovating with four creative teams consisting of students from various countries. The workshop was considered to be a great success that brought new experiences for all and eventually resulted in new products and services of participating companies.

Read some experiences of the participants here

This year Creative Steps 2.0 workshops will be organized in Sweden, Western Ireland and Northern Ireland. Stay tuned!


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