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Published: 21 Feb 2018

Creative Step-by-Step guide of Creative Steps 2.0 innovation workshop

“Creativity is a stance in your mind; collaboration is the joint effort with other people. Ideation is a way how you extract your ideas from your mind, innovation is the way how you accelerate your ideas and transform them into reality and practise.”  – Anitra & Anzelika

Creative Step by Step Guide – Creative Steps 2.0 Innovation Workshop

This new guide offers tools for innovation process – step-by-step methodology of interactive innovation workshop that involves collaboration between companies and student teams under the supervision of professional coaches. It helps to develop business ideas specifically in the context of cross-border and international collaboration with the help of digital tools

“Jump into innovation and creativity” video tells you what is the Creative Steps 2.0 workshop and why you should leave your safe and firm zone to create something innovative with extra market value with Creative Steps 2.0. It is a model of an innovation workshop a guided step by step approach for business innovation.



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