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Published: 17 Apr 2018

Experiences of the Creative Steps 2.0 workshops

We have piloted the Creative Steps 2.0 workshop in four different countries and for different needs. We have gathered experiences of the workshops and learned how we could help creative businesses with the Creative Steps 2.0 methodology in innovation process.

Three main cornerstones that are the ultimate goals of the Creative Steps 2.0 model are

  1. Encouraging entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset development by boosting creativity and innovativeness for the development of innovative business ideas and products and services
  2. Creating a support mechanism for local entrepreneurs to go global and international by enhancing cross-border business-academia collaboration locally and internationally, and enabling the use of modern technology and digital collaboration tools
  3. Enhancing entrepreneurship pedagogies that would better meet the challenges of 21st century working life.

Aim of the workshop and the final outcome is to create new product or service idea and to present a prototype

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