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Published: 21 Apr 2017

Quick Guide to Creating a MyCreativeEdge.eu Profile

Register on MyCreativeEdge.eu & Login

Click Create a Profile. Type name of Profile in Title field at top of page

Important:  Save Draft regularly as you create Profile

Click Key Info 

  • Type in Short Description for home page (max. 140 characters)
  • Click Add Image to upload 1 Feature Image (rec. 1920 x 1080 pixels, min. 800 pixels wide) as main image for home page

Click Sectors & choose up to 3 sectors from dropdown menus

Click Main Content  (to upload main images & text for Profile)

Click Create Layout & choose 1 of 3 layout options

Insert text in Introduction (max. 320 characters) & About your Company fields to explain about yourself/your business (max. 1,000 words). For a Text-Focused Profile this is the end of Main Content

Standard Profile

  • Click Add Media Item
    • Image – choose Image, click Add Image & select or Drag & Drop image from computer. Add Image Title
    • Video – choose Video, upload Fallback Image,  choose if video on YouTube or Vimeo, insert Video ID  & add Video Title 
    • Quote – choose Quote, insert text (max. 140 characters) & choose Background Colour


  • Click Add Project/Album
    • Insert Album Title. Option to add more detailed Album Description of the project / product line / exhibition / service contained in the Album
    • Add image for Album Featured Image, the album ‘cover’ for Profile page
    • Click Add Media Item & add images, videos & quotes as above
    • Click Add Project/Album to add another album

Optional – Click Featured Items, add up to 3 images/videos to a Slideshow at top of Profile page. Click Add Media Item, click Image Slide or Video Slide.  If you skip this step, Feature Image from Key Info will appear.

Click Contacts, insert Name of Primary Contact & any other contact information e.g. website, e-mail. Option to add a square Logo/Avatar

Click Social, option to add social media links used for business

Click Preview at top right to see how Profile will look on site. Return to tabs to make changes

Click Submit for Review.  MyCreativeEdge.eu administrators will review & then publish on site

To edit Profile once published >  Login, go to Profiles on left hand menu  


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