Published: 10 Nov 2016

Cultural Soup – Creative Exchange

When? 17 November 2016 / 11.30am : 1.00pm. Hotel KEA, Akureyri.

Cultural soup – Creative Exchange

Join us for cultural soup 17 November at Hotel KEA.


  • a creative momentum project – opportunities for creative exchanges
  • Anna S. Olafsdottir film maker at NyArk Media shares her experience from participating in Digital DNA Creative Hotspot in Northern Ireland
  • Ingi Rafn Sigurdsson CEO of Karolina Fund introduces the opportunities of crowd funding creative projects through the fund
  • Maria Dyrfjord graphic designer and Thorhildur Orvarsdottir musician share their experience of successful crowd funding through Karolina Fund

Soup, bread and coffee ISK 1500

Contact huldasif@akureyri.is for registration


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