Published: 19 Sep 2017

ONLINE WEBINAR: Snapchat – Social Media Media Superpowers 2 Your Company

When? Tuesday 10th of October 2017
Online webinar

Learn how to Snapchat – also companies can do it!

Webinar will be hosted by Liisa Koivisto, an IT lecturer at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and also an entrepreneur herself too. This webinar is suitable for creative companies interested in using social media for business.

14.00-15.00 (UCT +3): Snapchat for companies
15.00-16.00 (UCT +3): Questions & Answers

Location: Online webinar, participate from anywhere.
Here Adope Connect (AC) guide for webinar participants

The webinar is organized by Creative Momentum Project & Lapland University of Applied Sciences.


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