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Published: 31 Aug 2017

Swedish knowledge in our Video Pitching Panel – hoping to present great ideas

25 video production companies from four different countries have been selected to join a panel of good filmmakers. And 23 creative enterprises have been picked to get support to create a video pitch for their business, product or service. The creative enterprises now have the chance to choose a production company from the panel to create their pitching video.

From Mid Sweden there is two production companies, eager to work with entrepreneurs abroad to make a video pitch. Post Tempus Productions and Mountain North Pictures are the two Swedish companies hoping to be picked from the Video Production Company Panel to produce a video pitch to promote a creative business in Finland, Ireland or Northern Ireland.


One example from Post Tempus Productions. They have also made pitching videos before, for musicians and visual artists. Take a look at their youtube-page for more examples of their work.

Post Tempus Productions
Gunnar and Martin started Post Tempus Productions a couple of years ago, they do photography, commercial, feature and documentary films.

“In a world where everything just keeps spinning faster, we prefer slow movement and beautiful scenery that make people stop and reflect for a moment. We want our viewers to remember our videos long after they seen them. We understand the difficulty to stand out in the videomaking community but we embrace the challenge and believe that we can achieve just this – we present your ideas in ways people will remember.”


This is a video for Manfrotto – proffessional Photo and Video tools. Want to see more from Mountain North Pictures? Visit their youtube-page.

Mountain North Pictures
Mountain North Pictures is a young company who started in November last year. They do narrative, commercial and documentary film and photography. “Right now we spend every waking hour of our time on photography and film”.

Mountain North Pictures were one of nine filmmakers from Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Northern Ireland who got selected and supported by a creative momentum project to participate in the Galway Film Fleadh in July this year. “The whole experience broadened our view of the business of making films, that will be very useful as we move on to bigger productions in future”, says Simon Bergström, who runs Mountain North Pictures together with his colleague Daniel Nordlund.

They will continue to travel and work from different places in Europe the nearest future: “We are quite flexible and will be available for work around Europe, we are also convenient of working from a distance, we can use Skype for example. We will also buy a new better camera for higher quality in upcoming productions,” says Daniel Nordlund.

Both Post Tempus Productions and Mountain North Pictures hope that some of the selected enterprises have the courage to try something new and dare to defy the distance and work with a production company from Sweden.


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