Published: 29 Jan 2018

Creative Steps 2.0 is coming to Northern Ireland

Are you a creative business interested in having one of your ideas or products developed further by a group of students following a coordinated innovation process?

Creative Steps 2.0 is an innovation process that allows for one EU creative business to be paired with another EU creative business through an organised process. Our facilitator will then determine what problems or ideas presented by the creative businesses can be addressed through the innovation process by our recruited emerging creative talent.

Participation is free, and creative businesses can expect the following:

  • having a new idea or existing problem researched or developed by a fresh set of eyes in the form of fresh emerging creative talent
  • the opportunity to meet international creative businesses through facilitated conference calls over Skype
  • The chance to explore the possibility of future collaboration with like minded matched creative businesses

if you would like to know more or be involved in Creative Steps 2.0  as it runs in Northern Ireland why not get in touch with your respective Creative Momentum regional coordinator:


Closing date for expressions of interest is Tuesday 6th February 2018


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