Published: 18 Sep 2017

Creative2Creative Matches discuss progress

The Creative2Creative Matching activity (formerly known as “Mentoring in Internationalisation”) is currently underway in Finland, Sweden, the West of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The activity has  involved matching creatives into pairs from the different regions for mutual development. The pairs will then have online skype sessions where they can explore potential collaborations and best practice.

Currently there are two pairs that are being coordinated by the Northern Ireland business consultancy firm “Brilliant Red”.

One match was between two companies that were matched from different creative fields (Design and photography) but had a foot in the food industry camp.

Although Julia of Julia Duinn Photography  has experience in several aspects of photography such as portraiture and lifestyle it was her experience and skill as a food photographer that matched her with Neil from Food Safe Systems, a designer specialising in software that addresses food safety compliance issues

Paul the coordinator from Brilliant Red commented

""The two company representatives Immediatley found alot of synergies within their own businesses indicating to each other advice on how to develop new markets, markets they both know know have yet to enter""


Julia who was grateful to a creative momentum project for arranging the initial conversation went on to say

""I found that I got on very well with Neil.  We knew a couple of the same contacts....yes, it was good and I’m glad I had the conversation.""


Creative2Creative Matching is a creative momentum project activity and through these international pairings is creating transnational peer mentoring opportunities. Creative businesses in one EU partner region are connecting with creative businesses in another EU partner region and having real conversations through online channels such as Skype.

Another match that is currently taking place is the Galway based Irish artist Michael Hawthorne and Northern Ireland based artist Sarah Majury. In this case Paul the facilitator has mentioned that both parties are very interested in network and contact development and they are more than willing to share information for mutual benefit. Paul has also observed that participating creative businesses are volunteering themselves beyond the calls to personally reach out to potential contacts on behalf of their matched EU creative businesses in order to make an initial introduction: “The creative entrepreneurs are more than willing to leverage their own reputation to further each others contacts”

On reflection on the first of the meetings between Sarah and Michael, Sarah mentioned

"“This was a brilliant scheme!”"


and Michael added

""Our knowledge sharing conversation was helpful and useful.  Further contacts between Sarah and myself will hopefully identify additional opportunities where we can capitalise on our talents and individual strengths. Overall, the exchange was a very nice and a cordially conducted occasion.  I look forward to further contacts in the future.""



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