Published: 13 Jun 2017

Discovery Publications Attends an International Trade Fair

Declan Carville

Declan Carville is the owner of “Discovery Publications” a company he set up in 1990 to facilitate his passion for story telling, his keen interest in illustration and to provide engaging meaningful content for educational means.

One of Declan’s biggest products has been his range of “Nelly Fandango” books. Written and illustrated in Northern Ireland these books have been a huge success for Discovery Publications and Declan is keen to open them up to larger audiences.

In an effort to do just this Declan successfully applied for support through the Creative Momentum project. As a successful applicant to the “Assistance to International Trade Fair” activity, Declan was able to receive support covering half the costs of several expenses relating to attending an international trade fair.


Declan attended the Childrens Book Fair in Bologna, Italy at the beginning of April 2017. The trade fair boasts over 26,000 visitors along with over 800 journalists. It plays host to 160 conferences and workshop and has on site over 1,200 exhibitors from over 100 countries from all over the world.  The event attracts businesses relating to all areas of publishing such as illustrators, graphic designers, literary agents, publishers, authors, translators, app developers and teachers.

As a direct result of some well organised structured preparation for the trade fair Declan was able to able to make the most of his time in Bolagna. He made contact with several international publishing companies that would be in attendance and followed this up as much as time would allow while at the trade fair, “you can’t overestimate the value on one to one meetings, it’s all very well emailing and talking on the phone but it’s in person where the real selling and exchange of ideas can take place at a faster and more productive rate”

Declan has come away from Italy with over 50 contact to follow up on and as a direct result of attending the trade fair through Creative Momentum support he is in frequent contact with representatives of an American publishing company who are very excited about some of Declans products and how they hold potential to address their mantra of providing intentional and purposeful teaching and a joyful experience.

“This trade fair has provide to be the perfect one for my business, it’s potential to meet members of the industry is unequalled anywhere in the world and I would not have had the opportunity to attend without the support of the Creative Momentum project”


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