Published: 25 Sep 2017

Niall Greenan Secures Sales at Irish Trade Fair

Assistance to an International Trade Fair is a Creative Momentum project which resulted in 13 busiensses altogether in Northern Ireland receiving support to attend a Trade Fair anywhere in the world.

Niall Greenan is the founder and owner of “Greenans Products Ltd”. A company that has been as successful at designing as it has at innovation, diversifying and reaching new markets. The lead product “The Smart Bunker” has evolved through several iterations each which Niall has been able to successful promote to it’s respective market. Initially presented on Ireland’s version of Dragons Den, The Smart Bunker has been a coal dispenser, wood pellet dispenser and an animal feed dispenser with current research underway aimed at facilitating new modifications to be a smart road salt dispenser.

As a Newry Mourne & Down business Greenan Products Ltd was eligible for support as one of the SEED group of councils that makes up the Northern Ireland partner on the EU NPA Creative Momentum project

The trade fair that Niall attended was the Ploughing Championships 2017 in Offally, Republic of Ireland.

The fair has been growing in size for 70 years with this year boasting an attendance of 292,000 people in attendance. As a 3 day event this worked out about 100,000 people a day of which about 10,000 walked past Niall’s stall. Niall prepared well for the event and hired a sales person to help with approaching the volume of people on the day. In addition to one of sales Niall made sure to get a conversation with some big stores that were in attendance, such as Drinagh (Ireland) and Horizont (Germany).

"The great thing about this type of Creative Momentum support is that it has allowed be to approach big names transnational stores, and not just a sales rep but major players in major cmpanies"


In addition to developing a strong international contact list Niall was able to make 60 sales over the 3 days which resulted in roughly a £12,000 turnover increase. Given the strong discussions with stores Niall is very hopefull that this will result in future repeat large orders

When asked if Niall had any advice for anyone attending this or a similar trade fair in the future, his initial advice was;

"Make a bit of noise!"


Niall went on to explain that he had loaded up one of his “Smart Bunkers” with marbles, and he would pull the leaver to dispense the marbles which would cause anyone within earshot to turnround. Upon seeing the colourful dispensing of the marbles more people were interested in finding out more and while they gathered round Niall’s sales colleage would engage with the potential clients.

An unforeseen bonus for Niall was being able to engage with previous customers. The benefits of this were 2 fold, Niall was able to make some repeat orders while also dicuss with clients what aspects of the product worked well or where modifications could be made. This allowed for some very welcome constructive feedback. Another unforseen element was the weather, the rain that began at 7:30am on the 2nd day continued for almost 12 hours making for fresh challenges


Following on from his experience Niall is excited to have established a relationship with prominent names in major potenial buyers which he is keen to follow up and maintain a productive dialogue. He has also made the decision that it would be in the companies interests to take on a sales rep going forward. Specifically looking at bringing in sales reps to address the Mayo and Dublin areas of Ireland and a third for the Scottish market.

A  Creative Momentum project in an EU NPA Project cofunded in Northern Ireland by the SEED group of councils which are:

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council
Ards and North Down Borough Council
Newry Mourne and Down District Council


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