Published: 18 Aug 2017

Photography event

Creative Momentum is planning an event this November that will address how software can be used to further imaging skills. This could be for

  • Photographers looking to explore how they can better achieve the image they want with software
  • finding out what software packages are capable of in terms of image maniputlation and why they are relevant in the photographic industry
  • creatives who are not photographers looking to learn at how they can use photoshop to better market their products and/or services
  • photographers who would like to request some photoshopping/image manipulation done to one of their pieces for the purposes of having a better understand of how photoshop skills can better their images
  • It is envisioned that creatives would have the opportunity to email in images before the event that instructions on what they would like to see done to the image. These could be emailed by creatives from any Creative Momentum partner regions

The event will be streamed live online so interested parties in any of the Creative Momentum partner regions can watch from Iceland, Finland, Sweden, West of Ireland or Northern Ireland. They can also tweet in questions to the twitter account @EUcreative during the event.

At the moment we are collecting expressions of interest for this event. If this is something that you think would be of interest to yourself please get in touch by emailing:



Les Black

26-Aug-17 3.41am

Sounds great! Can’t wait!

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