Published: 21 Jul 2017

Find out who’s been selected for video ‘pitch’ support

Following the recent call for applications for financial support to get a ‘pitching’ video made, 23 creatives from the South East of Northern Ireland, Northern Finland and the West of Ireland have now been selected.

An effective ‘pitch’ video can make a huge difference, whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand.  We’ve recently launched a Video Pitching Toolkit that provides videos, manuals and a planning schedule to help creative businesses plan their perfect ‘pitch’ video. The resources are available in our Knowledge Centre.

Who’s been selected?

Following the evaluation of applications, we’ve chosen a wide range of creative enterprises and organisations to receive this support.


Pitching effectively for private sponsorship, public sector grants, crowdfunding, venues, festivals or collaborators is critical for success (or survival) for many working in the creative arts.

Several theatre groups have been selected.  Children’s theatre company Branar Téatar do Pháistí, who’s show ‘How to Catch a Star’ is currently premiering at the Galway International Arts Festival; the Armagh Rhymers who are one of Ireland’s most celebrated traditional music and theatre ensembles comprised of mummers, ballad singers, storytellers and clowns; and The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company who produce immersive and site-specific theatre addressing topical issues and giving an on-stage platform to marginalised voices.

Music also features strongly with successful applicants ranging from up and coming DJ Jordan Lewis to the band Great White Lies with their evocative jazz ballads and innovative experimental pop and renowned Uilleann Piper Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn.

And of course, training the next generation of performing artists is the Pamela Cassells School of Performance which offers training in speech & drama, hip-hop, acting, and musical theatre.


Jewellery is one of the largest Crafts sectors and many of the selected companies find their inspiration in their location.  Finnish jewellery designers Damastikoru draw strongly on Arctic and Lappish culture and this year produced a special collection to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence. NI Silver Jewellery have created a number of ranges inspired by iconic images from Northern Ireland including Titanic, the H&W Cranes, the Giants Causeway and the Dark Hedges (Game of Thrones).  Meanwhile jewellery designer Avril Manderson has always been a bit of a black sheep! Her jewellery business Fresh Fleeces shows the humble Irish sheep in a whole new light.

Other makers selected for ‘pitch’ video support include leatherworking with the Journeyman Saddler having worked for over twenty years making and repairing equestrian and leather goods. Sean O’ Dowd’s Ballydougan Pottery is located in Bloomvale House, an historic listed thatched House circa 1785 where they not only sell their own unique, hand-thrown pottery but offer a range of facilities for visitors.

Keith Shepard Glass Artistry focuses on the fine arts and architectural / sculptural potential of kiln formed glass with the development of high-end bespoke pieces which predominantly involve the infusion of metals into glass.  This process gives each piece a further dimension of uniqueness and identity with enhanced vibrant colourations.  Mary Callan Knitwear meanwhile produces fabulous, colourful textured knitwear for women. Mary draws on influences such as tribal textiles, surrealism, jacquard and intarsia to create a bold graphic aesthetic.


The division between arts, crafts and design is not always clear. Fashion designer Síofra Caherty’s business Jump The Hedges creates innovative and design-led bags from reclaimed materials that would have otherwise gone to landfill.  Her ‘Yoga Tote’ image is one of the most popular in the MyCreativeEdge.eu digital marketing campaign!  Stacey Kilpatrick S.A.K.DESIGNS designs art on the human body.  Her skills as a face and body painter combine with her skills as a makeup artist to make her ideally qualified for high fashion work.

Nádhúra Design is a design-led company specialising in furniture products and design engineering services. Their products include a range of home furniture that allows client customisation and they also provide design engineering and project management services.  Brian McKee Furniture Designer is in the process of developing a range of bent wood furniture, focused primarily on rocking chairs. He is returning to furniture design after a spell as a professional photographer, so understands how best to showcase his work visually.

Media & Technology

For apps or online services a ‘pitch’ video can really illustrate to investors and clients what the app can offer, particularly for new and innovative ideas.  The Finnish company e-Coach provides an online coaching and training service for athletes, while Neil Bradley has developed an innovative software solution for the food service industry, the Food Safe Systems app.

Offering digital services to clients also requires an effective ‘pitch’ to highlight the potential benefits. Digital Den Marketing assists companies to market themselves effectively online including digital audits, strategies, campaign development and project management, while MeanIT Web Partners ‘make the web work’ for their clients offering web design services. Given recent global cyber-attacks they are increasingly focused on website security services and illustrating the critical importance of keeping your website as safe as possible, especially anyone offering online sales.

Creative Space

And finally, Synergy Studios is a creative space that showcases contemporary art, craft, and design in a retail and exhibition space overlooking the sea in Newcastle Co Down.

Each of the 23 businesses will now develop a job spec for a 2-3 minute ‘pitch’ video for their business and then seek quotes from some of the video production companies on our Video Pitching Toolkit Company Pool/Panel.  ‘a creative momentum project’ will cover 50% of the cost of getting the video produced (to a max. €1,500).

With such a great mix of businesses, we can’t wait to see and share the results.


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