Published: 18 Dec 2017

A remarkable year for MyCreativeEdge.eu

2017 has been an important, and very busy, year for MyCreativeEdge.eu. Under a creative momentum project, the website was fully revamped and re-launched on 1 March. MyCreaiveEdge.eu is a hub for anyone looking for inspiration and insights into the creativity of 5 different regions on Europe’s Northern Edge – in Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Sweden.

MyCreativeEdge.eu currently showcases the work of 232 creatives working in the fields of Arts, Crafts, Design and Media & Technology.  We’re hoping to grow that number throughout 2018, so sign-up to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with who’s new!

Digital marketing campaign

A key objective of MyCreativeEdge.eu is to make creative entrepreneurs from Europe’s Northern Edge more visible to potential international clients and customers. To this end, the first phase of an international digital marketing campaign was launched at the end of June. The campaign mainly targeted consumers based in the MyCreativeEdge.eu regions and the cities of London, Dublin, Stockholm, Reykjavik, and Helsinki. Facebook ads were the main channel used.

During July-August, there were 8,445 unique sessions on the MyCreativeEdge.eu website from 6,770 unique users. This was a 69% increase in the number of sessions since the same period in 2016, and a 107% increase from the previous two month period.

A second phase was launched in September and targeted Dublin, Stockholm, Belfast, Reykjavik and Helsinki, as well as cities in the UK, US and Canada. In addition to Facebook ads, Google display ads were also used.  The site registered a 100% increase in the number of sessions since the same period a year previously.

And in the run up to Christmas, a creative momentum project has been promoting MyCreativeEdge.eu as a hub for unique, inspiring gift ideas. Among those featured in the Christmas campaign were: Celtic Fairy Doors, Keith Sheppard Glass ArtistryLynsey De Burca, Gudrun HuldMcKernan Woollen  Mills, and The Northern Paper Studio.

In just over a month, the Christmas campaign resulted in 4,168 sessions on the site mostly from the UK, Ireland, Finland, the US and Canada.

Register now

The digital marketing activities linked to MyCreativeEdge.eu will continue into 2018. By registering and publishing their profile, creative enterprises from Europe’s Northern Edge can benefit from this advertising, as well as having the opportunity to connect with other creative businesses in the same, or different fields.

And remember, if you want to keep up to date with what’s new on MyCreativeEdg.eu sign-up for our newsletter.


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